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We're a punkrock trio from Nijmegen, the Netherlands. We've toured and released albums worldwide since 2005. We like our punkrock political and melodic, combining the best of ’90’s skatepunk, ’00’s emo and ’10’s orgcore.

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05 January 2004 ~ Comments Off on new year

new year

happy new year, bla bla bla and what not … we are back, with news: the photo-section should be online in a couple of days, with pictures from the very early days of antillectual till now. a lot of pictures. you can read a new review of our c.d. 'facts, opinions & in between' on inside knowledge magazine here. we have been making new songs as well these weeks. we like them for sure, hope you will too.

16 December 2003 ~ Comments Off on limburg


finally a new show limburg! this time in de metro, panningen. a lot more shows are on the way, we hope. we are making some new shirts, girlies and patches too, expect them in the new year.

15 December 2003 ~ Comments Off on inter/review


not only a review but an interview with antillectual is posted on the belgian internetzine the-underground.be too. you can find both interview and review on this very site as well. the interview can be found in the band-section, the review in the music-section. by the way, our guestbook is online again: speak!

14 December 2003 ~ Comments Off on for the monkeys!

for the monkeys!

for the monkeys damnit! saturday was amazing, made a lot of money for actiecampagne koen through a great show with even better bands. more of that … again a lot of pictures and even videos have been made that we'd like to be confronted with! tell us. the belgian internetzine the-underground.be reviewed our cd, you can read it here. added some 'g'-links at the links-section. been making new world-improving-anthems this weekend too, hopefully you will hear them soon! bye for now.

08 December 2003 ~ Comments Off on no code blue

no code blue

ok, we have almost all recovered and are more or less ready for saturday! the show in nijmegen on january 24 will go on, but unfortunately without code blue. we put some more new lyrics under the 'facts, opinions & in between'-section, ever looked there? one last request, we know pictures have been taken at the gig in de onderbroek. if anyone has any, please let us know, we would just love to have those too, we will put them on the site if you'd like us to.


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