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We're a punkrock trio from Nijmegen, the Netherlands. We've toured and released albums worldwide since 2005. We like our punkrock political and melodic, combining the best of ’90’s skatepunk, ’00’s emo and ’10’s orgcore.

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17 February 2004 ~ Comments Off on leaving


almost there! the day after tomorrow we're leaving, and right now we're preparing the last things to leave … on the site we added the newest facts on our trip to italy, other bands and stuff. we'll be playing at a 7-band festival in bologna (remember, the anarchist hide-out? 😉 ). at that we have a new show in vrankrijk, amsterdam, a benefit for earth first. how cool is that!? most of you know all this already through our mailings. if you want to receive those as well leave your name in our guestbook, or email us. let us know too in case you don't want to receive them anymore.
that's it, a tour report or something will be online soon after returning. see you all in the merleyn!!! hehe

09 February 2004 ~ Comments Off on italian storm

italian storm

silence before the italian storm. what's up? nothing much: added smash the statues to our show in tilburg, canceled black vampire from our show in panningen, nothing much as you can see. we are still working on new songs, as usual. the brouwerij-compilation is on its way, as they say and new patches are on the way! knew there was something …

05 February 2004 ~ Comments Off on no news

no news

no news. just been missing you guys. we're busy. very busy, we'll let you know when the time is ready. not yet. the tour is coming closer and closer, we getting scared actually … please come and support us when we're temporarily back for our show at merleyn in nijmegen on 25 february. please. please please? our website builder has delivered some new work; check out the new b.b.k. site , it rules. bye for now

01 February 2004 ~ Comments Off on plan recordings

plan recordings

dear diary, we played a really cool show in the rollywood skatepark we played at before, it was the best! quite a lot of people showed up actually, made new friends, met 4 radicals, got 2 minute beatdown, we have had a really nice time! still working hard on new songs, and we planned to record some new stuff in may! we are really pleased with that, as you can imagine!

28 January 2004 ~ Comments Off on none of your business

none of your business

added a new show in tilburg (for the monkeys!) and links from bands and zines/labels etc. wrote a lot of emails … none of your business actually


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