Antillectual – Fever

FEVER, a semi-ironic song about humans killing the earth and the earth seeking revenge by sweating them out. Climate rebellion is not a crime!

cover art


Remember back when the earth was not flat-lining
Us gas guzzling down the great autobahn

All airmiles well spent, frequent flyers shopping duty free
Now the plane’s going down, inflight programs still on

As the temperatures rise
Is this fever the problem or a cure in disguise?

Now this is the end of life and how it used to be
The ship’s going down with the band going strong

Liner notes

Some say that climate change is the biggest problem of our generation. Denying climate change is the 21th century equivalent of saying the earth is flat. A changing climate is obviously our greatest threat: without a livable planet, there’s no human life possible and human problems are irrelevant. But what if we look at this problem a little different, a little less anthropocentric? What if the climate heating up is not a problem, but a cure to heal the planet’s biggest problem: human life. What if the planet is sweating out this threat to secure the planet’s existence itself? The earth is trying to get rid of us like a boiling frog. Noah’s ark turned Titanic, and half of us don’t even (want to) know or care.

Fever tour

  • Sep3
    The Broken Fest
    Germany Ulm
  • Sep24
    Noise Down The Stairs Fest (Studio 30)
    Germany Saarbrücken
  • Oct28
    Het Depot
    Belgium Leuven
  • Oct29
    France Le Havre
  • Nov12
    Turbo Fest (Die Trompete)
    Germany Bochum
  • Dec29
    Friends First Fest #6
    Netherlands Nijmegen

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