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02 March 2010 ~ 5 Comments

Studio update no. 1 (video included)

Those of you who are active on Facebook or Twitter might have noticed already: we have been spending some time in the studio. Last week we started the recordings of our third full length album. We are recording 12 brand new songs with our brother Nico van Montfort, who also recorded Testimony and Pull the Plug. Speaking of which: 2 of the songs we are recording were also on that EP, but we are using proper amps now.

So last week we managed to record all the drum and bass tracks in just over 4 days. We will be returning to the Erock studio to work on guitar and vocals next week and the week after that. We have not planned a release date yet, as we are still figuring out details on who will release it. Recordings should be done by the end of March, hopefully it will not be too long before you can get your hands on this album.

To put it mildly, we are absolutely stoked to finally get these songs recorded. If you want to keep up with what we are doing in the studio, consider ‘fanning’ us on Facebook or following us on Twitter. We will be sending out updates regularly.

Below is a little video that summarizes the first 4 days (including English subtitles). Hope you like what you hear.

video on youtube

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28 January 2010 ~ Comments Off on Warm winter tour

Warm winter tour

Last Saturday we played our last show ever with Yvo on bass. A crazy sold out show was a nice way to close this chapter. In Tom we found an amazing replacement presenting us a very glourious future ahead. Our first step is a tour that will hopefully get us somewhere warmer.

– Warm Winter Tour
– Dutch Export
– Recording a New Album
– Tour with High Five Drive

Warm Winter Tour

Belgium, France, Spain and Portugal seemed to be the best destinations when touring in January and February. If you live in the area, please drop by and say hi!

Jan 29 BEL Herselt, De Choke. w/ Second Base, more
Jan 30 FR Fumel, Pavillon108. w/ OpeNightmare, Ivan Rebroff’s Armpits
Jan 31 FR Toulouse, Les Pavillons Sauvages. w/ Ivan Rebroff’s Armpits (release show), Messieurs de Fursac
Feb 1 ES Torelló / Barcelona, l’Eclèctic
Feb 2 ES Zaragoza, Sala Ultimátum
Feb 3 ES Madrid, Sala Barracudas
Feb 4 Available
Feb 5 Available
Feb 6 POR Lisbon, Casa de Lafoes Afternoon show. w/ This Routine Is Hell, Albert Fish, Barafunda Total
Feb 6 POR Mouriscas, GDR Os Esparteiros. w/ Defying Control, The Wild Ones, Shake Shake and SMYP
Feb 7 POR Porto, Bar Altar Afternoon show
Feb 8 Available
Feb 9 ES Oviedo, La Antigua Estacion. w/ Threewordname, Mr. Lafleur
Feb 10 ES Pasaia (San Sebastian), Sala Mogambo. w/ Alaska Pipeline, Curasan
Feb 11 FR Bayonne, Bar Kixkil Ostatua
Feb 12 FR La Rochelle, La Barbarella
Feb 13 FR Brest, Espace Léo Ferré. w/ Speedball, Jeune Seigneur, Last Exit To Brooklynn
Feb 14 FR Lille, La Chimère

As you can see, we are still looking for shows on February 4, 5 and 8 in Spain or Portugal. Let us know if you can help us out.

Dutch Export

Since we are known to tour a lot Buma Cultuur (the Dutch authors- and copyrights organization) mentioned us in their press bulletin announcing that the export of Dutch pop music was raised by 15% in 2008. Read the Dutch version and the English version.

Recording a New Album

A week after we get back from tour we will be entering the studio. It has been almost 2 years since we released our last full length album “Testimony”. We will record 12 new songs with Nico van Montfort at the Erock studio in Panningen. On the upcoming tour and shows we will play a lot of these songs to get them into shape. A release will follow later this year.

Tour with High Five Drive

We never promised to slow down. After we finish recording, mixing and mastering we will embark on another tour. Together with High Five Drive from Canada we will be playing shows in France, the UK and Belgium between April 25 and May 1. Routing to be announced soon. Get in touch if you feel like helping us out.

Other shows:

Feb 17 NL Utrecht, ACU. w/ Nothington, Bivouac
Feb 19 BEL Wachtebeke, VZW MaNo. w/ Bound In Blood, Rumble Fist, The Dancing Morons
Feb 20 NL Krommenie, De Groote Weiver. w/ Sweet Empire, Union Town
Feb 27 NL Nijmegen Waalhalla. w/ Static Thought
Mar 6 NL Hoogeveen Het Podium. w/ Nuestros Derechos, Nuclear Driven Animals

If you feel like the recession is over and your liquidity is increasing (what?!), please consider visiting our webshop to fund our upcoming recordings. In the next issue of your favorite newsletter you will find some news about our new release, and more new touring plans. We hope.

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22 December 2009 ~ 10 Comments

Merry stuff!

Isn’t it a jolly good time? Our tiny country is covered under a layer of snow, resulting in a total meltdown of all activities. The climate summit in Copenhagen last week seems to have become a meltdown of equal scale: all initiatives to save our civilization have been meticulously snowed under by lobbies to preserve our right to welfare. In Greece (no snow there) people have been “celebrating” the 1-year anniversary of the popular outrage and riots of last year. After those events things only got worse, even EU “help” didn’t help. And our good friend Silvio Berlusconi is gaining popularity despite the fact that he has to face both court and church (quite literally, speaking of Smash the Statues).
Ah well, Merry Christmas everybody!

But to all this, there is an antithesis: stuff that is valuable and maybe fun. For us; we are practicing our asses off, writing new songs as if they are climate agreements and practicing like the sustainability of the world as we know it is depending on it. We are scheduling more and more shows to kick the songs into shape live. And, we’ve set ourselves the toughest deadline there is: recording dates are planned! At the end of February we will be entering the studio with our friend Nico van Montfort of XPZ sound. We plan to record 12 or 13 songs for a new full length. More about that later.

In case both Sinterklaas and Santa forgot about you, and you want to treat yourself before the end of the year: check out our new merch. Pre-orders have been sent, regular orders are up now. Check the picture below, we are extremely happy with the new stuff. The design is actually red and silver (does it get any more Christmassy?) and we have t-shirts, girlie shirt, zippers and girlie zippers in several colors and sizes. On top of that we also have new patches, including one with Noam fucking Chomsky! Check our merch store for orders.
Have some fun during the holidays!


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16 April 2009 ~ Comments Off on Looking back: Fest 7

Looking back: Fest 7

While we are constantly focusing on new tours and a new release, it's sometimes fun to take a look into the past, in what I like to call our 'shoebox': a huge archive of tour videos, some of which end up being edited into reports . Browsing through the shoebox, I found this little video of our show at Fest 7 , on our last USA tour. Hope you enjoy the video as much as I did.

Antillectual at Fest 7, part 1

Antillectual at Fest 7, part 2

Antillectual at Fest 7, part 3

In other news: due to all kinds of activities (writing songs, touring, fixing our beloved van etc..), we haven't really been able to slap together tour videos lately. We are currently looking into ways to work together with people who enjoy doing this. More about that later.

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19 November 2008 ~ Comments Off on Miscellaneous


So we're back from one tour, and have announced the next one as well. A lot is happening over here. And to keep you up to date as much as possible we'll try to update this site a little more often. Feel free to comment on stuff we're posting. "Communication is what it's all about" sing two major bands, so let's do it.

First of all, if you happen to have/find reviews, pictures, videos, whatever from our USA tour, please send them or a link to us. We like to keep track and collect a lot of souvenirs this way. A written tour report and the last episode of the tour video report are to come.

For the Americans that are looking for ways to order our merch cheaper than from us (shipping costs and stuff) check out Jump Start Records for the Testimony LP. For the CD/LP of Silencing Civilization and the Testimony CD get in touch with Square of Opposition Records. He is more up to date with his email than with his website. Don't you worry. Square of Opposition also has some left over T-shirts from our USA tour up for sale. Soon they will be for sale through this website too. About that; we sold out some old shirt designs and updated this on the merch section. The remastered Silencing Civilization CDs and LPs are available for ordering.

We also found some new reviews of Testimony in German at Waste of Mind fanzine and Blueprint Fanzine, in English in Can You See the Sunset, Punktastic. On top of that the German zine Ox did an interview with us. You can find the online version here. Soon there will be an interview on and Last Hours. As if we wouldn't let you know.

Phil from Black Numbers Records (Static Radio, Purpose, Rock,star) asked us if we would like to participate in a Kid Dynamite tribute "Carry the torch" they are releasing together with Copper Lung Records and Get Outta Town Records. And of course, we're honoured. There's a list of already confirmed other bands which is quite exciting. So next weekend we'll be recording Kid Dynamite's "Wrist rocket" and perhaps some demos for our own new songs. If there's enough time though.

For now we hope to see you at the Speak Out Fest which can't go wrong with a line up like this: Smoke or Fire, Fake Problems, Tenement Kids, Brat Pack, Rush 'n Attack, Omission, Brito.

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