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28 August 2012 ~ 1 Comment

New EP and tours in USA (Fest!), Canada & Brazil

Shit is hitting the fan. After a period of single shows, festivals and writing music, we’re back out there with our new “Future History” EP and a tour through North and South America.

Future History EP

We will record a new full length album this winter and release it spring 2013. In preparation we have been writing, rehearsing and recording new music over the last months. In anticipation of the new album we are releasing an EP with 2 new songs and 2 bonus tracks on September 28th. “Future History” will be released in cooperation with Shield Recordings, Destiny Records, No Reason Records, Lockjaw Records and Angry Chuck Records throughout Europe and Russia. Here’s a little preview of what to expect:

We are taking pre-orders for the EP:

Americas tour

With a release of “Start from Scratch!” in both the USA and Brazil it is about time to go there. What better occasion than The Fest XI to do so? Before we play Fest we will be touring from Canada to Florida with After the Fall, Anchors and The Stereo State. After Fest we will fly out to Brazil for another leg of dates.

  • Oct 16 CAN Montreal, QC; Lesco w/ Prevenge, After the Fall, Anchors
  • Oct 17 USA Albany, NY; Fuze box w/ Cancer, Bad Friends, After the Fall, Anchors
  • Oct 18 USA Rochester, NY; Elixer w/ Weight we Carry, After the Fall, Anchors
  • Oct 19 USA Worcester, MA; Ralphs w/ Smartbomb, After the Fall, Anchors, the Stereo State, headliner TBA
  • Oct 20 USA Manhattan, NY; ABC No Rio, Saturday Punk Hardcore Matinee. w/ After the Fall, Anchors, the Stereo State
  • Oct 21 USA Brooklyn, NY; The Place w/ The Marine Electric, After the Fall, Anchors, the Stereo State
  • Oct 22 USA Philadelphia, PA; Mother’s. w/ After the Fall, Anchors, the Stereo State
  • Oct 23 USA Washington, DC; Rass Hall w/ After the Fall, Anchors, the Stereo State
  • Oct 24 USA Richmond, VA; Empire w/ Worn in Red, After the Fall, Anchors, the Stereo State, headliner TBA
  • Oct 25 USA Wilmington, NC; Soapbox, Southbound and Down Fest. w/ None More Black, The Snips, Banquets, Dirty Tactics, After the Fall, Anchors, the Stereo State, more
  • Oct 26 USA Gainesville, FL; Fest XI w/ Propagandhi, Lagwagon, Good Riddance + 250
  • Oct 27 USA Gainesville, FL; Fest XI w/ A Wilhelm Scream, Polar Bear Club, Latterman + 250
  • Oct 28 USA Gainesville, FL; Fest XI w/ Astpai, Despite Everything, Leagues Apart + 250
  • Nov 01 BRA Porto Alegre, RS
  • Nov 02 BRA Urussanga, SC; Ventuno Pub
  • Nov 04 BRA Novo Hamburgo, RS; Abbey Road bar
  • Nov 06 BRA Florianópolis, SC; Mustafa Bar
  • Nov 07 BRA São Carlos, SP; Palquinho da Ufscar
  • Nov 08 BRA Guarulhos, SP; Musical Bar
  • Nov 09 BRA Santos, SP; Tribal Club. w/ End of Pipe
  • Nov 10 BRA São Paulo, SP; Hangar 110. w/ End of Pipe
  • Nov 10 BRA São José dos Campos, SP; Hocus Pocus. w/ End of Pipe
  • Nov 11 BRA Vitória, ES; Bar Pós Graduação. w/ Bullet Bane, Blackjaw, Surra, Auria, Inerte, Trace

Whipping Post Music

From September on we will be cooperating with Whipping Post Music for our BeNeLux bookings. Get in touch with our friend Frank to help us out “live”. Around the release of our new album next spring we plan to hit the BeNeLux soil hard.

More shows

  • Sep 1, Bunkfest, Willemstad
  • Sep 22, Breakfest (Megaland), Landgraaf. w/ Destine, Kraantje Pappie, Dope DOD, Midnight Souls, As Enemies Arise, Hofbuskers, Two Days Left, Major Tom, Fallen One, I’ll Pick You Up, As Heavens Collide, more
  • Nov 28 – Dec 2 Italy Tour w/ Bedtime for Charlie
  • Feb 1, Juz Dampfmühle, Verden. w/ No Good Intentions, Substanz P

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19 April 2012 ~ Comments Off on Transatlantic tour and fresh old releases

Transatlantic tour and fresh old releases

While it may seem that we are laying low (our last tour was in December) we are actually planning more than ever: tours, releases and new recordings!

  • Fest 11 + USA Tour
  • Re-releases “Start From Scratch!” and “Testimony”
  • Pre-production recordings and EP
  • New zippers and shirts

Fest 11 + USA Tour

Can we get a drum roll please? The biggest and best news by far is the tour that we have planned for October and November. After 4 years of absence, we will finally return on American soil. We have been confirmed to play the almighty Fest 11 in Gainesville, and we will be touring the USA on our way down to Fest. Details to be confirmed.

Re-releases “Start From Scratch!” and “Testimony”

Since all LPs of “Start From Scratch!” and all CDs and LPs of “Testimony” are out of stock, we decided to run a second pressing of both albums together with our friends at Shield Recordings. The 350 gatefold LPs of “Start From Scratch!” will be “seein’ red” and “Testimony” will see a reincarnation of 250 LPs in the “grey area”. The 500 “Testimony” CDs will be a jewel case edition.

Pre-production recordings and EP

Having written half a new album already, we decided to book some studio dates. In May we will record these songs to prepare ourselves for the recordings of our fourth full length album next winter. 2 of those new songs will end up on an EP which will be released later this year. Details to be confirmed.

New zippers and shirts

No re-release here! Freshly designed zipped hoodies and T-shirts! Stay up to date and support us by ordering a shirt, zipper, a repressed album or a nice package of shirt+album.

Shirts have the King Kong print on the front. A limited amount of these shirts, with a red and black print on white, will be sold by Fairtrademerch at this year’s Groezrock Festival. Speaking of Groezrock: make sure to stop by Shield Recordings and No Reason Records on the market, and treat yourself to one of Mom’s Veggie Burgers.


MAY 04 Brussels (BE) – Garcia Lorca w/ The Arteries, The Octopussy’s, Black Sheep – [RSVP]
MAY 05 Utrecht (NL) – DB’s w/ Cobra Skulls, Wanderlust, The Windowsill – [RSVP]
MAY 16 Ysselsteyn (NL) – Jera On Air w/ No Turning Back, This Routine Is Hell + more tba
MAY 18 Arnhem (NL) – H80 bult theater festival – [RSVP]
MAY 27 Tienray (NL) – Gaellus Open Air w/ Sunday Zombies & The Brain – [RSVP]
JUN 02 Heilbronn (DE) – Ex Stereo w/ Planet Watson – [RSVP]
JUN 23 Oostende (BE) – Skatefest (Skate Bowl) w/ Madsin, Ostend Powers, Funkyfresh, Windub – [RSVP]
JUL 20 Südwinsen (DE) – Südwinsen Festival – [RSVP]
JUL 23 Drachten (NL) – Iduna w/ Ignite, Sparky’s Revenge – [RSVP]
JUL 27 Langenau (DE) – Pfleghof Open Air w/ Benzin, Settle Down – [RSVP]
AUG 10 Bunsbeek (BE) – Kloemprock w/ MXPX, Voodo Glow Skulls, Atlas Losing Grip, Gino’s Eyeball, Off the Charts, Left Alone
NOV 24 Erkelenz (DE) – Plug In Let’s Rock Festival / Auditorium w/ Not Available, Face the Fax, Ginos Eyeball, Ten Tons of Glory, Middle Finger Salute, 51st Degree, Cause for Confusion  – [RSVP]

USA Tour

OCT 15 – 25 USA – East Coast Tour
OCT 26 FEST 11 – Gainesville, FL
OCT 27 FEST 11 – Gainesville, FL
OCT 28 FEST 11 – Gainesville, FL

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19 April 2010 ~ 3 Comments

Newsletter: new album and tours

This week we finished mixing and mastering our new album. We are really looking forward to the release later this year. In the meantime we are not slowing down and doing quite a lot of cool tours, shows and festivals the coming months.

  • Start from Scratch!
  • Tour with High Five Drive
  • Groezrock
  • May-June tour
  • Festivals, other shows


Indeed, that is the name of our freshly recorded album. Describing both the state of a band in bloom and a world in crisis. While recording the songs
we shot some videos (part 1 and part 2), hope you enjoy. Since last week we can announce the track list with some very self-explanatory song titles:

  1. Every Crisis Is a Moral Crisis
  2. Buyer’s Remorse
  3. The Hunt Is On
  4. America’s Worst Role Model
  5. Cut the Ground from under Our Feet
  6. “Kraken gaat door”
  7. Some of My Best Friends Are Meat Eaters
  8. Chinese Takeover
  9. Our Hearts
  10. The New Jew
  11. Classic Themes Never Get Old
  12. So Much More

In the next newsletter more news on when and how the release will take place and a song as a preview!


The nice guys from High Five Drive asked us if we wanted to join them on a part of their European tour. Since we tend to enjoy touring together with
cool bands we decided to accompany these fine Canadians on the last dates of their tour. Please come out and support us! Check:

Apr 24 BE Meerhout, Groezrock Macbeth stage
Apr 25 UK London, Ryan’s Bar. w/ High Five Drive, Apologies, I Have None, Without Fire
Apr 26 UK Macclesfield, The swan with two necks. w/ High Five Drive,The Shuffle
Apr 27 UK Lincoln, Library Bar. w/ High Five Drive
Apr 28 UK Manchester, Retro Bar. w/ High Five Drive
Apr 29 UK Peterborough, Club Revolution. w/ High Five Drive
Apr 30 NL Naaldwijk, de Flaat. w/ High Five Drive, Sweet Empire, Drunktank, Fortynine
May 1 BEL Oostende, OHK. w/ High Five Drive, Go Rampage
May 2 FR Le Havre, Mac Daid’s. w/ High Five Drive


Our first stop on this tour will be a 20 minute set at Groezrock’s Macbeth stage, on Saturday from 12:55 to 13:15 sharp. Expect some golden oldies and some songs from our new record. Our friends in Static Radio are playing the Etnies stage just before this show. Also, High Five Drive will be playing the Macbeth stage at 19:10.


Shield Recordings and No Reason Records will be present at the groezrock merch tent. Be sure to drop by, buy them a drink and get some of their great records, or perhaps some Antillectual merch.


Our last achievement before the summer break (as if …) is a tour through central Europe. We are still in need of some dates, so you know the drill:

May 26 GER Freiburg, Haus der Jugend
May 27 Available
May 28 ITA Poirino (Turin), MT Beer Festival
May 29 ITA Available
May 30 ITA Available
May 31 ITA Available
Jun 1 SLO Available
Jun 2 SLO Available
Jun 3 Available
Jun 4 Available
Jun 5 A Wiener Neustadt, Entro P’s Extended
Jun 6 Available
Jun 7 Available
Jun 8 Available
Jun 9 CZ Hradec Kralove, La Putika
Jun 10 POL Wroclaw, Wagon Club
Jun 11 GER Berlin, Subversiv
Jun 12 Available
Jun 13 Available

Festivals, other shows

The summer is coming up and that means festival time! Besides that we are also doing some single shows in the Benelux. As always, we are looking for cool shows and festivals; feel free to get in touch!

May 6 BEL Groot Bijgaarden, JK Paddestoel. w/ This Routine Is Hell, The Ignored
Jul 9/10 GER Verden, Break the Silence Fest. w/ Brat Pack, Oi Polloi, Vitamin X and many, many more.
Jul 17 NL Vlaardingen, Open Air Skate/punkfestival
Aug 5 NL Meppel, Cafe Clouso. Donderdag meppeldag!
Sep 4 NL Zwolle, Rock ‘n’ Roll Festival. w/ Peter Pan Speedrock, Fakkelbrigade, more tba
Sep 17 NL Zeist, De Peppel. w/ Rentokill
Sep 18 NL Tilburg, Incubate Festival

We ordered a new batch of shirts from the same design since they sold out pretty fast. Check our webstore if you want to support our band, or simply need clothing.


(also available in blue and brown, and as girlies / zippers / female zippers)

In the next issue of your favorite newsletter you will find some news about our new album and more shows, shows and shows.

Thanks, you made it, friends ‘til the end!

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23 March 2010 ~ 4 Comments

Out of the studio

Last Thursday we finished recording our new album. We recorded the drums, bass, guitars and vocals for 12 songs for our new album which will be called “START FROM SCRATCH!”. Honestly we are really happy with the result so far. Now it is up to Nico van Montfort to mix and master it into heaven. While recording we shot some more video footage, enjoy:

A track list will be posted in the near future. There is no release date set for the new album yet. We will upload a song to give you an impression as soon as everything is mastered.

On another note; in April and May we will be touring together with the guys from High Five Drive from Canada. We will hit the UK, France, Belgium and Holland. Check the dates . After that we will travel through a bigger part of Europe at the end of May and June. Again, check the dates at the shows section.

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13 March 2010 ~ 2 Comments

In between studio days

Last week we spent in the studio tracking guitars and vocals. Things actually get in shape pretty nice, if I may say so. Next week we will be finishing some more guitars (rhythm, lead, acoustic), vocals (lead, backing, guest) and do some more additional percussion. You can still check out a little video report we did here. More frequent updates are sent out to “followers“, “fans” and other “BFF’s“.

The new album will feature a song called “Kraken gaat door!” which translates to “Squatting continues!”. This is a song against the to be implemented anti-squatting law in the Netherlands. I know a lot of bands, their audience, artists, students and other people benefit from squatting, so we oppose forbidding it. In case you are a musician (or audience member?) yourself and you want to contribute your voice against this law, please go here and leave your message. We’ve signed it and hopefully you will too! Kraken gaat door!

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