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28 April 2015 ~ Comments Off on UPDATES FROM THE STUDIO


You might have heard about us recording a new album? There’s no use in denying it any longer. The release is still far away, but things are coming along greatly! You can keep track of what is happening in the studio through this link. Check the link below for a stream of updates.

What would you be looking for in our new album? #newalbum2015

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23 April 2015 ~ Comments Off on Update from the studio

Update from the studio

Right now we are recording the first group of songs for our upcoming album at Split Second Sound. We are working on 4 songs and the recording of the rest of the album will follow this summer. So far drums, bass and basic guitars are done, and already it sounds killer!

Make sure to follow our storify page if you want to keep up with the progress on our #newalbum2015.

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10 June 2013 ~ Comments Off on Studio report “Perspectives & Objectives” *spoiler alert*

Studio report “Perspectives & Objectives” *spoiler alert*

Last weekend we had some crazy days recording the music video for the first song from our new album, “Soundtrack”. The video will be released June 21st. Until then we present you a little report we made during the recordings of our new album. Enjoy, there’s some new music in there too …

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26 March 2013 ~ Comments Off on Tour, new merch and new album

Tour, new merch and new album

We spent our winter in the studio, recording our new album. Now we are happy to get out there again, play some shows and announce the release of our new album. Most of the news below was already announced through our newsletter last week. Sign up if you would like to be among the first to receive these updates.

Euro tour with Smile and Burn

Together with our friends in Smile and Burn we will be going across Europe. Check Smile and Burn, and come out to one of the shows.

  • 29-03 GER – Hamburg @ Rote Flora *
  • 30-03 GER – Rees @ Bistro *
  • 31-03 GER – Essen @ Weststadthalle *
  • 01-04 GER – Lindern @ Osterrock *
  • 02-04 FRA – Strasbourg @ Molodoi *
  • 03-04 GER – Ulm @ CAT
  • 04-04 CH – Luzern @ Treibhaus
  • 05-04 AUT – Lustenau @ Culture Factory
  • 06-04 ITA – Lodi (near Milan) @ CLAM
  • 07-04 ITA – Torri di Quartesolo @ Route 66
  • 08-04 AUT – Graz @ Sub
  • 09-04 AUT – Vienna @ Venster
  • 10-04 AVAILABLE!
  • 11-04 CZ – Prague @ Klub 007
  • 12-04 GER – Leisnig @ AJZ
  • 13-04 GER – Münster @ Baracke
  • 14-04 GER – Mönchengladbach @ Blaues Haus

* with City Light Thief, April 10 still available.

New merchandise

Since we sold out most of our merch we made some new T-shirts, girlies and tote bags for this tour. See if there is something you like and order from our web shop.
As always; shirt = 10 euro, shirt + album = 15 euro

Shirts and girlies are in black & navy, tote bags black & olive. Designed by Andrea @ It’s Simply Max.

Release of our new album

Time has come to lift a small piece of the veil; a title and release date have been chosen for our new album: “Perspectives & Objectives” will be released on Friday August 23rd, 2013. Before that date we will uncover more and more as the release gets closer, think pre-orders, music videos, streams, etc. So far these labels will be releasing our new album: Suburban Records (Benelux), Destiny Records (GER), Lockjaw Records (UK), No Reason Records (ITA), Angry Chuck Records (RUS), Undermusic Records (BRA), Destroy It Yourself Records (POR). More to be confirmed.

Awaiting this new release, we have  a free download of our last EP, “Future History”, including 2 songs that will re-appear on the new album.

Keep an eye on our site for ‘one more thing’ thursday! 

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24 January 2013 ~ Comments Off on Recording album #4: a little update

Recording album #4: a little update

As you may have noticed on the Twitters, Facebooks and other news outlets, we’ve started the recordings of our 4th, as of yet untitled, full-length album. Here’s a little peek for you.

We’ve taken a little more time to prepare for this album than we’ve done in the past. Willem made rough demo’s at home and we did pre-production and recordings before recording the real thing. The biggest difference from “Start From Scratch!” is that with this album we’ve tried to bring some more compact and even more melodic songs to the writing table. Rest assured: not melodic in a virtuoso Pink Floyd or Dream Theatre sense, but generally a higher hooks-per-song ratio than we may have done before. Then again: there is always a big difference in perception between the listeners of music and those who wrote that music, so we’re very curious to hear your opinion when it’s ready!

Last weekend we started (and finished!) recording drums, and Riekus hit the drums and cowbell as hard as he could, so it sounds very promising already. In the next weeks Willem and Glen will be recording bass and guitar at our headquarter (= home), and vocals at Nico XPZ‘s home studio. How DIY is that? After we’ve recorded all bass and guitars, we’ll be re-amping them. This may sound a little technical, but it basically means it will sound great! Last we’ll be throwing in some extra, not-so-punk instruments like organs, pianos and cellos, which you may have expected after the “Future History” EP.

Behind the scenes we’re doing more work involved in releasing an album: talking to labels, planning tours, discussing artwork, thinking about an album title (how could we forget that!), brainstorming about (yet another!) music video and planning a release show. All in all there’s a lot to be done, but nothing will stand between us and world domination. We’ll try to keep everyone updated as the plan unfolds …

In the mean time, we’re still playing shows! Keep an eye on the shows page and hope to see you out there

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