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07 June 2004 ~ Comments Off on recordings, shows, tour!

recordings, shows, tour!

thank all of you for your comments on our recordings, we're very happy with them! we managed to get another show in the north, in groningen that is. when more info is available it will be posted. some more links concerning the u.s.a. tour can be found in the shows section, venues, other bands etc. pink girlies are in!

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28 May 2004 ~ Comments Off on mp3’s


yes, finally they are here, the new mp3's! these are just demo recordings for our upcoming full-length later this year. more on that later. download them, read their lyrics, judge them and spread the word! say what you want in the guest book. we made a mp3 page with mp3's from bands we know and/or like. maybe that makes it worth burning a c.d.-r with our mp3's. changed the music section, added new recordings. still available for shows as you might have guessed.

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21 April 2004 ~ Comments Off on recordings postponed

recordings postponed

we had a great weekend! friday we played with two cool bands, a new band called des-peration (great second show!) and the very talented german mindless tadpole! unfortunately b.b.k. had to cancel the den bosch show on saturday, but found a good replacement in just us. mel team plugs simply blew everyone away, nice guys too! thanx to thomas for setting up that last minute show. ok, enough ass-kissing. the recordings have been postponed 1 week, to may 21 and 22. expect mp3's may 23, we do! fingers are already looking blue because of practicing.
 some news for nerds: from march 2002 up to this week over 10.000 people visited this site, of whom 15% from abroad … all-o'-y'all must have been lost or something?
 and remember: keep your eyes open for these weapons of mess-destruction!


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12 April 2004 ~ Comments Off on mel team plugs

mel team plugs

here we are again. finally some new shows, of which we actually already played one … and more shows to come. upcoming saturday we will play with the french band mel team plugs whose tour we helped to organize. come and check them out, it is such a cool band. they prove france has a lot more to offer than just chauvinism! besides all this we are still practicing our asses off for the new demo recordings. wait and hear. 

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21 March 2004 ~ Comments Off on white buttons with a black logo

white buttons with a black logo

we have played a great show in panningen, thanx to cedric and everyone organizing! it was so good, even some cops showed up! was actually the first time they did. usually they do not come, not even when you need them, strange. more code blue on the streets!
the new merchandise is in! as of now we have got: white buttons with a black logo; pink, purple and beige patches with a black print and some 'limited edition' handmade stickers. we know, fck elites, we just couldn't afford more stickers … but: new stickers are coming up soon! we know all of this is not half as cool as having your own band pens but not all of us can be code blue!? and our name is not very cooperative either, pens-wise …
no shows for a month, but after that: a show with the lawrence arms! check their new c.d., it is really surprisingly good, do not believe me, listen to it yourself! furthermore: we are practicing our asses off for our upcoming recordings … we can not wait! oh yeah, still looking for shows. so if you … 

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