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12 May 2015 ~ Comments Off on Sweatshop T-shirts Are One Of Punk Rock’s Biggest Hypocrisies

Sweatshop T-shirts Are One Of Punk Rock’s Biggest Hypocrisies

Spot on article about why we have fairly made and traded merch as much as possible. fairtrademerch is our partner in this non-crime.

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Sweatshop T-shirts Are One Of Punk Rock’s Biggest Hypocrisies
May 7, 2015 | by John Gentile Okay, this time I have to get on a soapbox. Sorry, but it needs to be done… *Screech, screech, screech… clomp, clomp* [[MORE]]I think it’s fair to say that a pretty big…

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The Hardcore Help Foundation is releasing a benefit double LP! This amazing line-up features (behold!): Lagwagon, Kreator Official, Anti Flag, Dog Eat Dog, Bane, FUNERAL FOR A FRIEND, No Turning Back, Idle Class, Born From Pain, Rivershores, My Turn, Trial, First Blood – OFFICIAL PAGE, GWLT, THE GREAT COLLAPSE, Questions, ANCHOR, Kmpfsprt, Client, Olde York, Cutthroat & Sen Dog, Convict, Frustration, Lions, City to City, Thinner, Tiger Crew, I Am Revenge, … and us of course.

Supporting a very noble cause and receiving a gatefold double LP featuring 29 bands and a limited tote bag, stickers, buttons and patch. You gotta love this!?

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03 March 2015 ~ Comments Off on OOHOO NEW SHIRTS!


All pre-orders of the benefit tape are shipped and should be with you, right?

Since we ran out of most black shirt designs, we made a new one with an owl on it. What do you think of it? As always printed on fair-trade shirts by our friends of Fairtrademerch. We have new (antifascist) stickers in as well.

And because we are running out of acoustic Pull the Plug EPs, we thought it would be nice to make some limited edition package deals, we have 7 available. They include:

* Owl shirt in your size
* Pull the Plug 7” EP
* Perspectives & Objectives benefit tape (incl download)
* 3 pins
* Tour poster & stickers

This bundle costs 17,50 euro (in stead of 22) and includes a 5 euro donation for the tape, which we will forward to Kafka, a dutch antifascist research group.

Package deal

Owl shirt

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05 February 2015 ~ Comments Off on Music video “Work Horses vs Show Ponies” and “Perspectives & Objectives” out on tape

Music video “Work Horses vs Show Ponies” and “Perspectives & Objectives” out on tape

Behind the scenes we are working hard on new songs. We hope to record our new album this spring and release it in the fall or winter. But in the mean time this is happening:

Music video “Work Horses vs Show Ponies”

It has been a while since we last posted a tour report. And our last music video came out almost a year ago. So we made a combination of both for “Work Horses vs Show Ponies”. You can check the music video below and while you’re at it, subscribe to our youtube channel to stay up to date. The video was shot during the 150 days on the road after the release of “Perspectives & Objectives”. Footage was shot all over Europe and includes tours with Propagandhi, Ten Foot Pole, ZSK and festivals like Monster Bash.

“Perspectives & Objectives” out as a benefit tape

Somewhere between trying to be hip and realizing that people don’t necessarily buy tapes for the sound quality, we came up with the following idea: we raided our old tape collections to release “Perspectives & Objectives” on recycled tapes. The release is limited to 50 hand numbered tapes. Lyrics, liner notes and a download are included to provide you with a high quality version of the album. But the best part is that since the production of these tapes is low-cost, all proceeds will be donated to Kafka. Kafka is an NGO that keeps track of extreme-right activities and tendencies in the Netherlands. A very noble initiative, but they need money to keep doing what they do.

So this project is 3-in-1: Hip tape, quality download, contributing to a better world for people and environment. What more could one want?

You can place your pre-order here. The release is in cooperation with our friends from Trilob Records (Adhesive, Banquets, In-Sane).

Perspectives & Objectives tape

Upcoming shows

FEB 27 DE Wermelskirchen, Wider Rechts Woche @ Ajz Bahndamm Wermelskirchen w/ Christmas, Prime Meat
APR 3 NL NL Goes, BoemTikFest @ ‘t Beest w/ Honningbarna, Otis, Rites
MAY 09 CH Zurich, Obenuse Fest @ Hafenkneipe, Eldorado, Kinski, Kino Roland w/ Title Fight, ASTPAI, Broadcaster, Irish Handcuffs, Hysterese, Chelsea Deadbeat Combo, Deadverse, HELL & BACK, Spirits, Risk It, Lions, Worst In Me, Uriella
MAY 22 FR Paris, THIS IS MY FEST @ La Peche France Paris w/ Guerilla Poubelle, VERSUS YOU, Great Cynics, Hogwash, Slice of Life, FAKE OFF, Intenable, No Guts No Glory, Water Mane
MAY 23 UK Norwich, The Owl Sanctuary w/ Braindead, Petrol Girls, Holiday
MAY 24 UK London, More of This IV! @ New Cross Inn w/ The Human Project, Sweet Empire, Irish Handcuffs, Demon Smiles, Petrol Girls, Mug, Dynamite Dynamite, Sink Alaska, RxR, The Twin Dracula, Not Penny’s Boat, No Matter, Chairmen Of The Bored, The Dead Anyways
MAY 29 DE Hannover, Stumpf

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30 October 2014 ~ Comments Off on End of tour, new merch!

End of tour, new merch!

After a day of seeing summer turn into winter while driving through all of France we are back home. This tour was intense (6.000 KMs for 11 shows) but we are enormously happy about touring down south/west Europe. We had an amazing time and hope to return as soon as our new album is out. Huge thanks go out to all promoters and especially to Outro Shows and Infected Records DIY for booking and arranging everything. And of course to everyone that came out, sang along, danced or clapped their hands! In case anyone has pictures or videos from a show, post it!

For this tour we made new shirts: “Books over Barcelona”. It’s been a while since we had an ash-grey shirt. There are some left overs available in our web shop (S/M/L/XL).
Also, since winter is roaring its freezing head we’d like to re-emphasize that we have warm zipped hoodies available (S/M/L/XL)! And the last couple of Ten Foot Pole shirts …

All at our store

So, now it is finally time to take it a little easier. Touring-wise that is. Because we still have some fun shows lined up the next months (see below) and we can finally get back to working on our new songs.

More about more later!

08-11-2014 NL Deurne, OJC De Roos. w/ The 101’s, Note To Amy
14-11-2014 BE Namur, The Belvédère. w/ Struggling For Reason, Silly Snails, Radio 911
19-11-2014 DE Münster, Baracke. w/ FA!L, DAMNIAM, Vollkommen Egal
20-11-2014 DE Düsseldorf, Tube. w/ FA!L, The Aberrats
21-11-2014 DE Mönchengladbach, Kultube. w/ FA!L
22-11-2014 DE Iserlohn, JUZ Karnacksweg. w/ FA!L, 1 more
13-12-2014 NL Castricum, De Bakkerij. w/ The 101’s
27-12-2014 DE Blieskastel, P-Werk Blieskastel 18 Fest. w/ Fuck, Wolves, VERSUS YOU, Mantan, BABY LOU
31-01-2015 DE Meppen, JUZ

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